Giorgetti Houston is a unique 7-story skyscraper that gives rise to 32 wonderful spaces 10 to 12 feet high, some with private parking and space for up to 4 cars, in the Upper Kirby District. This project, visualized for 2018, is developed by Stolz Partners, in association with Sudhoff Companies, Mirador Group and Giorgetti, one of the best furniture factories in the world, for the design of the space, inspired by an artistic vision of the place.

This luxurious building hides an enviable life, due to its location close to boutiques, art galleries and five star restaurants, including River Oaks District, River Oaks Shopping Center, Upper Kirby Galleria and Greenway square. Giorgetti Houston creates a unique lifestyle. You will enjoy a wonderful ambience on the balconies ranging from 500 to 2000 square feet, in kitchens and dining rooms designed outdoors.

The services offered by this building are a dog park, swimming pool, security cameras and concierge. The architecture inspired by Giorgetti's art designs includes a porcelain, gypsum and glass tile facade, while in its lobby the artistic compositions of the best pieces of furniture by Giorgetti; The most luxurious place to live in the Upper Kirby District.

Available Properties