Find ways to relax and enjoy in Houston!
Find ways to relax and enjoy in Houston!

These last months have been rough for everyone, and it’s always good to find comfort in people we love and places that fill our entire being with joy. Still taking care of others and of ourselves, we can still find ways to enjoy some places and relax there while appreciating art or nature, which are things that are known to have a healing aspect.

Following all established restrictions, the recently opened Houston Botanic Garden has a lot of events in the upcoming month to get people to learn more about plants used in several countries around the world. This amazing place also offers you programs so you or your children can learn more about nature, arts, culture, health, horticulture, and gardening. This is a great option since it is known that contact with nature helps you relax.

There are also a lot of exhibitions going on in the MFAH (The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston) that you can visit as long as you following the requirements for face masks and social distancing. For example, “Glory of Spain: Treasures from the Hispanic Society Museum & Library” is an exhibition that will be opened until January 2021 and it’s organized by the Hispanic Society of America, New York; and like this one, there are many others, so you can plan your visit to the one that gets your attention the most.

Like this, there’s also another opportunity to get to appreciate art that Discovery Green offers you, and it’s the House of Cards which is a public-art piece which has 126 oversized playing cars, but the glimpse that will catch your attention is the fact that every playing card has a unique piece of artwork, which gave a lot of Houston artists the opportunity to show their art to the people in this design.

Always put your wellbeing as a priority, and take a walk if needed, breathe some fresh air and remember that your path will always continue and you are surrounded by people who also care about you. Houston is known for caring about its people, so don't worry, we got your back! Contact us  in order to find a rented apartment or house in Houston and we will help you in the best ways we can!

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