Houston has the best places to have a good time
Houston has the best places to have a good time

The world is wide and huge, and there are a lot of places that you must make sure to visit at least once in your life. Houston has the best places not only to live but also to spend time with your loved ones, get to know more about our country or to just sit and enjoy a beautiful view; so you can’t miss the opportunity to get to know all these amazing places and have a good time, alone or with your family or partner!

Since quarantine is still a thing, there are certain restrictions that are being followed by Houston in all the available places that people can go to, but there are free spaces that you can always visit such as parks. As long as you are wearing your mouth mask and keep social distancing from those around you, you can take out your dog in a walk, or yourself in order to admire your surroundings: there’s not a better time to relax than to take a walk in the mornings.

At the moment, the Houston Botanic Garden will be opening on September 18th after two years of it being constructed, and it will be located at 8210 Park Place Blvd, however, it will have soon a specific address at 1 Botanic Lane. The fascination behind a botanic garden is related to the fact that it’s not only a park where you can spend time, but it’s a place where plants can be studied and conservation, and at the same time it gives information to the public about these plants.

If you wish, when the Houston Botanic Garden opens, you can have picnics there by bringing food directly from your home or from a restaurant of your choice. The purpose of this is for you to have a good time, surrounded by nature, so you can appreciate its deep beauty. This place will be open seven days a week from 9am to 5pm, and the tickets to visit it varies from $8 to $15, depending on your age, and you are obligated to be wearing a mask, and the staff will be wearing a mask too.

Houston always finds the best ways to impress their people, by taking care of them and also providing them new experiences every time! You can always visit Houston or find a new home in this amazing place. We can help you with finding a nice place for you to live in, located in the best places in the city, so contact our Uptown Family!

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