Willkommen Zum OKTOBERFEST 2018!
Willkommen Zum OKTOBERFEST 2018!

It’s here! The most popular holiday in Germany and one of the largest in the world, with average annual visits of over six million visitors. This German national holiday has become so popular and Transcendent that it is celebrated in many countries around the world. And the beautiful city of Houston could not be the exception, in fact, the Oktoberfest can be, if it is not,  one of the best experiences to take part in this city.

Oktoberfest is celebrated between the months of September and October in the Bavarian city of Munich since 1810. It is the largest popular festival in Germany and one of the largest in the world. It lasts from 16 to 18 days, starting on the first Saturday after September 15.

Waiters with beer mugs and dressed in a dirndl, typical Bavarian attire, a lot of attractions from amusement parks, Large amounts of typical German food and a lot of beer is what categorizes this festival.


You can get there earlier in the day and ride the rides and eat all the food around and take in the sights of the 'Fest. As the day drags on, more and more people come and the beer starts to flow even more.

Although most people come for the beer/drinks, it's still a nice place to just bring the entire family to ride the rides and eat good food. I really mean it when I say there is something for everyone. It is a lot of walking so you may want to take that into account. I also didn't see a lot of people there with strollers. It's really kind of crowded so every little space counts.


Some recommendations to do on this festivals may be:
Dress Up: Nearly everyone from all over the world (Germans and non-Germans alike) sport the Bavarian lederhosen and dirndl. Doing so really enhances the experience!
Eating Up: You will be drinking ungodly amounts of German Oktoberfest beer, and it's not smart to do so on an empty belly. Plus the food here is really good!
Dance... sing... stand up on a picnic table or two. Everyone does it! One tent holds about 8K people so you can imagine the crazy fun energy when the entire beer hall is singing in unison.


There are also games you can participate in! Don’t miss your chance to compete in this German-style competition with awesome prizes. you can Join the 7th Annual Oktoberfest Olympiad games including the Stein Race, Barrel Roll, Stein Hoisting, and the Legendary Brat Toss!

This year all attendees can participate for free! Arrive early to sign-up in teams of 2 to ensure your spot in the Olympiad Games.

Also, the Houston Sport & social Club Fun Zone will be in effect with plenty of fun activities like cornhole, giant Jenga, connect 4, and more. Come by the fun zone throughout the day and sign up for challenges like the Stein Hoisting Competition! There will also be plenty of contests like the chicken dance, best dressed, and yodeling contest so come ready to party!

Many places are planning to offer special promotions and discounts for all that this festival lasts, but the biggest event will be taking place at The Water Works. You can purchase the tickets at http://www.oktoberfesthouston.com/ and experience this huge event at it's finest!
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