7 Reasons to move to Houston
7 Reasons to move to Houston

Houston is one of the largest and most populated cities in the country, so if by chance you would like to or if you were thinking of coming to live in Houston we have for you 7 of the strongest reasons why you should come and live here In Houston.
Excellent Weather


For those of you who hate cold weather rejoice! because in this city it almost never snows. it only has snowed 35 times in Houston since 1895 according to KTRK-TV with the last measurable snow just an inch falling in December of 2009 in which a winter weather advisory was in effect in Houston through Friday morning where they expected to get one to two inches. So if your hate snow or cold weather this place is for you!


Housing in Houston costs are ridiculously low for a major city like Houston, they were low before the hurricane and even lower now. The median home price is 26% lower than the national average and it's actually 59% lower than all the other major cities in the US. The average home price is about a 137.000$ right now. In Houston, rent does vary but it's still pretty low for one of the biggest cities in the country.
Best Barbecues


Arguing over which barbecue placed his best is a standard conversation in Houston which has a bunch of really good barbecue places, if you love the taste and the smell of barbecue this is a place where you're going to experience a diversity of different styles of barbecue.
Quality of education


For many people who moved to a new city is always influenced by the quality of education, area vibes give Houston an A grade for its schools. Now, this is amazing because most major cities have a horrible grade in the education department, notice that I say most, there's a couple that does really good too but Houston gets A-rating. After you graduate high school you have two high-quality universities to choose from, the University of Houston which is ranked among the most beautiful campuses in the country and Rice University ranked as the 18th best undergraduate University in the country.
The Houston Tunnel System


A lot of Houston locals may not see this one as cool, but it is in fact. 20 feet beneath the streets of downtown Houston exists a network of tunnels and pathways that make up the Houston tunnel system. like the above-ground portion of the city, it is filled with restaurants, shopping venues, and more. It also expands on the surface level of the city with elevated skywalks and connecting the buildings together, when you think about it, it's really just an underground mall however it's a really cool underground mall.


Houston is one of the most diverse cities in the United States. sometimes using the word diversity it's weird normally but it fits here, Houston has many people from many cultures and that always means one good thing, more options to choose from in every aspect. different clothing styles, different food, different daily routines, different everything.
Texas Medical Center


Houston is serious about its Healthcare industry, if you doubt this, consider the fact that they have the world's largest medical center, the Texas Medical Center. Originally established in 1945 it's one of the most complex medical centers in the world and all of its components are nonprofit, they are only looking to provide medical technology and treatment for future generations, and that a really good thing.

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