Houston invites you to find  pleasure in your everyday life
Houston invites you to find pleasure in your everyday life

Being at home can be a pleasant experience, as long as you find the right activities to do during your free time. Houston has several things that you can do in your free time whether it’s with your family, close friends, or if it’s on your own, so don’t get too discouraged! Take care of yourself and those that you are close to, while still enjoying yourself.

If you are into the world of cinema, Houston has the Moonstruck Drive-In Cinema, that you can go to and enjoy your favorite movies! You can go with a maximum of 6 people in your car, and watch the movies they offer in their catalog, you can stay inside your car or you can take chairs so you can sit beside your car comfortably. Since Christmas is coming, it has a lot of related movies scheduled for these months!

At the same time, Houston is starting to get its merry on! The city is full of lights everywhere, making it look extremely beautiful and it’s so fun to walk around and enjoy the nice weather. The Ice at Discovery Green is a great example of this: it’s a place where you can skate outdoors, open until January 31th! Discovery Green allows you to have this great experience while following all the social restrictions in order to take care of you and others.

If you are more into calming spaces, you can always go and just walk around the city with your pet or get your bicycle around Buffalo Bayou Park, so you can enjoy your surroundings and do some exercise in the way: Don’t forget that exercising is really good for your health! Always take some time to do it, whether it’s outdoors or indoors, just always remember to take care of your health.

Always remember to wear a mouth mask whenever you go out, wash your hands, and practiced the social distancing restrictions so you and your close ones can be healthy and great in order to enjoy the upcoming holidays! Contact our Uptown Family if you ever need help finding a rented apartment or house in Houston, and we’ll be more than happy to help you find the home of your wishes and desires.

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