Have fun holidays in Houston!
Have fun holidays in Houston!

The best thing you can do during the holidays is spending time with the people you love doing different activities. This season is all about love and appreciation for your home, your family, and your friends, so make sure to tell them that you love them! After all the difficult times that we have been through, it’s only fair that we enjoy this season while still taking care of our own health and others’. Houston has all kinds of events and places that you can visit during December!

If you are a Disney fan, this year around Disney on Ice presents Dream Big! In this event, you will be able to find all Frozen characters, Moana, Coco, Aladdin, The Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, and a lot of others! This is perfect for people, who are Disney lovers, and you can always buy a ticket and give it as a gift to someone else, be it the little ones of the house or anyone that you know will love the opportunity to witness this.

While getting gifts for the people you love is a big deal, you can always visit the Whoville Christmas town in Hou-Ville, which is located in Downtown Houston and it’s dedicated to you, so you can immerse yourself in this experience and both adults and children can enjoy all the different activities: including, from December 1st to December 23rdHow the Grinch Stole Christmas!, shops, Santa Claus, and everything Christmas related that you can think of!

It’s necessary that you remember that you can go to all the places and events you want as long as you follow the social restrictions that apply to it, this will allow you to take care of our city during these holidays so everyone can enjoy their own activities! Always wear a mouth mask, wash your hands, and try to keep a social distance from other people in order to protect them and yourself.

Holidays are meant to be a beautiful thing, so always try your best to see the good things that surround you, and make the best of what you have and have fun! Even if you need to stay home, try to look at it in a positive light. Our Uptown Family wants you to be happy and healthy, all year, all the time. Contact us if you have the opportunity of living in Houston and spend a fun season with us!

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