Houston has a lot of surprises for  you in May!
Houston has a lot of surprises for you in May!

The best thing about Houston is its ability to surprise people with several events to attend to and different places to visit every time. Houston always tries to innovate in every way, so that people can feel comfortable and happy, and enjoy when they need new ways to relax in between their stressful life. There are a lot of things you can do; you just need to find the one that suits your liking best among them all!

A lot of places are opening again, too, and one of them is the Big Rivers Waterpark & Adventures, a waterpark that can help you get rid of the heat that has been among us lately. This waterpark is located in 23101 State Highway 242, New Caney, TX 77357, and it has a lot of different attractions that you can try out! With nice music in the background, you can enjoy this place with the people that are most close to you, and have a great time. And on May 29, Palm Beach in Moody Gardens in Galveston is going to be opening up as well.

For the art lovers, as always, Houston always has got your back! The Museum of Fine Arts (MFAH) will be having a new exhibition opening on May 30th called SunForceLife, made by the Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto, which is a very interesting piece of art that will blow away your mind! This exhibition’s ticket entrance is included in the general admission for the MFAH, so you can appreciate this piece whenever you want.

If you are more into fun and adventurous experiences, you can always attend the Houston Zoo! This May 20th, this place will be transformed… into an escape room! You will need to solve several mysteries and quizzes with your friends and family, looking for clues that will get you out of there. This game is recommended for people older than 13 years old, and you can attend from 6 pm to 9:30 pm. There will be food and drinks available for you to buy while you are having fun!

And food, which is everyone’s favorite, will have this month a whole fest dedicated to it: The Houston Food Fest 2021, which is a gastronomic event that will have around 70 food sellers of all types, with live music, and it’s an event that is 10 hours long! You can have the greatest fun in this event if it fits your liking. Houston always finds new ways to surprise you so you can have a great time by yourself or with your loved ones, and May isn’t the exception. If you are willing to live the amazing experience of living in Houston, and you need a house or apartment, you can always contact our Uptown Team!

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