Houston helps you stay safe and healthy during this quarantine!
Houston helps you stay safe and healthy during this quarantine!

People all around the world are constantly trying to adapt to this new situation that we’re going through right now, such as it’s being in self-isolation and social distancing, and Houston is included. Most restaurants are offering “quarantine survival kits”, which include things such as eggs, meat, and most essential grocery stuff that people need when they’re at home, like toilet paper.

One of these places is the well-known Bernie’s Burger Bus, which has transformed itself in a bodega in order to help the people in Houston. Located in Bellaire, it offers ground beef, chili, and many ingredients like these for people to buy and has decided to use a “name your price” system getting to help everyone, and continues to offer takeout and delivery regarding their menu items.

On another but related note, Local Foods is working with a pop-up grocery market that offers a lot of food like milk, fresh veggies, cheese, coffee, and if you want to enjoy your time at home in a different way, they also offer wine and beer; being in quarantine doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy yourself, so don’t forget to take advantage of this! This place is also offering their usual menu items, but just like every other restaurant, for pickup or delivery.

Don’t forget to enjoy your time at home with your family and, take some time for yourself to rest as well. If you are working from home, remember to stay hydrated and take care of your health. Wash your hands regularly and only go out if it’s necessary! These times are hard, but Houston thanks you for collaborating with the cause and staying home for the well-being of yourself and those who are around you.

Our Uptown Team wishes you well, and hopes you stay home and healthy during these times!

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