Let's have some fun in June, taking care of ourselves!
Let's have some fun in June, taking care of ourselves!

Houston is doing everything that's possible for its people to engage in new activities, even during these times in which we are adjusting to a new reality in order to keep going affronting the given circumstances.  Sometimes, it is necessary to take a break and just spend some time to relax, have some fun, and maybe learn new things. This way, there's no better thing to learn that our precious culture and art!

As everyone knows, Houston is really rich in culture, our food, traditions, and art are praised around the country every year. We invite you to take a tour through Houston and watch our beautiful murals and finest art, during a tour that is called the ‘‘Joyride Houston’’. This ride takes only one and a half hour and you can bring all your family from every age to it; considering all social distancing and the already known restrictions: The tour will be through Downtown, Midtown, and EaDo with a guide to help you learn about all these amusing art murals.


You can also go to the principal malls in Houston, since they are now open, such as The Galleria, Houston Premium Outlets y Katy Mills. It's safe to go to these places since the people in charge have tried their best to keep it hygienic by using hand sanitizer, temperature tests at the entrance, providing masks, and promoting the social distancing on the people who are shopping at the different places of the mall.  

These malls are also now offering discounts that go from 30% to 60%, you can't miss this amazing opportunity to do some shopping in Houston!

On the same note, there is also a new restaurant at The Galleria which is called Musaafer, which has been prepared to open for a year now. You can taste the different tastes of India in this restaurant, as this is the strongest gastronomical offer they have, and it's a nice and comfy environment for its clients. So don't miss the opportunity to get to know a little bit more about the food worldwide!

Remember that it's summertime so it’s time to take things calmly and allow ourselves to explore new things that bring us joy, even during the given circumstances: just take care of yourself and others, follow the social distancing rules and use masks and hand sanitizers whenever you go so you can be healthy in the long run.

If you are staying in Houston during this time, contact us! And we will get you the most beautiful and comfortable place to stay in.

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