How Much is the living in Houston?
How Much is the living in Houston?

The city of Houston is one of the best places to live in the United States because it offers many benefits and good options in housing, transportation, employment and areas for entertainment.

This particular city has become one of the most favorites for immigrants since Texas, in general, is one of the states with the lowest unemployment rate and with growth projections for the future.



Another aspect that we can highlight is that the tax rates are lower than in the rest of the country, in fact, the residents of the city do not pay income tax, so it is a good area for those who want to start a new life elsewhere.

There are many variables to take into account when calculating the cost of living in a city, but studies have shown that the cost of living in Houston is lower than in the rest of the United States.



In Houston, you will find modern and luxurious homes at affordable prices. This community offers a level and lifestyle difficult to find in another region of the United States.

The state of Texas is one of the destinations where housing rents are cheaper. Rental in Houston is cheaper than the median of the United State, that is, you will pay a median of $735, which is almost $100 less expensive than the national median. For a two-bedroom apartment, the difference is even more pronounced. In Houston, the median for such an apartment is $1,019, while the median for the country is $1,175. The difference will depend on the size of the property. We have good 
properties and in good locations in the city. You can also visit our Uptown community on the internet and enter the properties of the property you want.



As for the basic services for an apartment of 279 mit will cost at least $1600 per year, $223 below the national average. It includes electricity, heating, water, and garbage. By adding internet to your monthly bill, you can pay up to an additional $60, that is, $720 per year.

If we study food expenses and observe the average cost of Houston restaurants they are a little more expensive than the national average. In fact, a meal at a budget restaurant and a meal for two at a mid-range restaurant in Houston will cost $15 and $65, respectively. For reference, the averages throughout the country are $14 and $50. And if what you prefer is cooking, the cost of food for a married couple with two children is estimated at least $735 a month.

As for transportation, you can get an unlimited 30 days to pass on the city's subway at a cost of $90. However, Houston is a city where you drive with an average travel time that almost passes the hour, so it is common for many drivers to accept trips from other strangers since they can use the lane for High Occupancy Vehicles (HOV) and beat the traffic. On the other hand, passengers get a free trip, so both benefit each other.


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