Houston adapts to people’s needs during its gradual reopening!
Houston adapts to people’s needs during its gradual reopening!

Protecting its people and keeping them healthy is Houston’s first priority – which is why even when places are reopening, every detail is being taken care of following the restrictions: using a mask while being outside and it’s not allowed for 10 people to be reunited in the same place. Still, Houston reopens the places you need the most during these times, so you can still live comfortably and enjoy it!

For example, the Art Car Museum has been opened since July 10th and following the previously stated restrictions, it’s accepting visitors by appointment only strictly using a mask and it’s not allowed to touch any of the exhibits. However, you can still attend this place in order to appreciate contemporary art, and give some support to the local, national, and international artists that are focused on art cars!

Another place that is open for people but using restrictions such as social distancing, gel stations for you to disinfect your hands, and a temperature-check for their workers daily is the Downtown Aquarium, where both the restaurant and the exhibitions are open. Its restaurant has amazing meals for you to enjoy different things and also offers you good discounts if you order food to-go!

The Houston Zoo is also open, you would need to buy your tickets online and make sure you’ve got a mask the time you get to attend, and you need to follow the restrictions of social distancing during your visit so you can take care of yourself and others along your day in the zoo. The zoo provides you free hand sanitizer stations, this way; you can still disinfect your hands while being inside the zoo!

Houston always tries to find the best options for you to enjoy your time in the city, so it becomes a comfortable place to live in. If you need help finding a place to live in Houston, you can contact us! Our Uptown Family wishes you to be healthy today, and in the future as well.

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