Visit the Murals in Houston
Visit the Murals in Houston

It’s important to appreciate art in every different way it exists. More than 20.000 years ago, a new kind of art was born: Murals. To paint in a wall through different art techniques is considered a form of expression since the prehistoric times, being even more typical during the romanticism era.

A whole lot of awesome Murals were created during the Renaissance, but it was thanks to a Mexican painter named Diego Rivera that this type of art gained a lot of relevancy in the world. His works were mainly related to social ideas, which made people consider Murals a way of representing freedom of speech, even related to political and inspiring ideas longing for a world change.  

In 1940, a cave in France was discovered with wall paintings, which were mostly related to everyday things and actions, named Lascaux Cave. Nowadays, you can find Murals in almost every country in the world with clear intentions to share art and inspire people. In Houston, you can also find a lot of murals that are very precious and amazing, these are excellent places to take pictures and enjoy art.

If you ever visit Houston, you can visit 1435 Westheimer Road, in Montrose. In there, you can find a really picturesque store which has a Mural named Biscuit Paint Wall, designed by Sebastien “Mr. D” Boileau. This specific mural is very crowded since a lot of photographers attend it in order to do photoshoots and get really amazing pictures. If you upload pictures that you took in this beautiful wall, don’t forget to use the hashtag #BiscuitPaintWall! 


On another note, you need to also visit near Midtown the "Preservons La Creation" which is the biggest Mural in Houston, located in the San Jacinto Street and was also made by Sebastien “Mr. D” Boileau. In this mural, you can see a painting of God with open arms and paint can in hand, which can be interpreted in different ways. This is also a good place to take your pictures, and to appreciate art at the highest point.

Like these Murals, there are lots of art-related places here in Houston. Houston is a great place to live in terms of tranquility and also to pursue your passion, for example, photography or art. In case of wanting to move there, you can contact our Uptown team to have the greatest experience choosing a new place to live in Houston.

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