The 7 best shopping centers in Houston
The 7 best shopping centers in Houston
It has become a daily occurrence to spend almost the entire day away from home, especially leading the life of the big city. We eat outside, we rest outside, we have fun outside! even families that live in large areas tend to spend much of the day outside of their homes, whether in plazas, public centers or, of course, shopping centers. that's why we've compiled a small list of the 7 best shopping centers in Houston, Texas.


The Galleria



If you want to experience a large and lively CC, the Galleria is definitely your place. Endless stores of all prices and styles. Very attentive staff. The bottom part is completely filled with restaurants. Do not miss the ice rink that is in the subsoil. Very good for boys and not so boys. Next door is Saks, a must!


Memorial City Hall




It is a very old commercial center, which has been renewed, It is one of the best-known shopping centers in Houston. It has as many stores as restaurants. It is a good option to spend some time and go shopping. They even have an operational ice skating rink, and it has a bridge that connects to a medical center. an excellent option for of the year purchases.

Rice Village Shops


It is an area close to The Rice University and the football stadium, so for a family, it is an excellent option to go out on a walk, while the men go to the game the women stay shopping. There are many shops inside and outdoors, many cuisine options: French, Italian, Chinese, Thai, etc. totally Worth it.



Willowbrook Mall



It is a very large mall, it has everything you can think of, the food court is impressive, You will find a number of stores, you will not know which one to go to first, I recommend that you bring a list of what you want to buy. Branches of the largest stores in one place. It has a playground, cinemas. Regular prices, but you find good deals in most stores. It has a huge parking lot and is a very good option to go shopping.


Hongkong City Mall



This huge market has every Asian food supply and most under a huge roof. It is amazing what you will find. From vegetables to canned products and replete with fresh fish, a great selection of meat. Lots of dishes, appliances, and other supplies. Easy to get to and parking is safe even if the lot is very crowded. Go experience and take a cart, you will need it by the time you have finished.



River Oaks Shopping center



Great shopping place with all the big names and historical charm as well. Built in the main center format, but extremely elegant. It is a very high-level commercial center, it has the best international brands, and is a very pleasant walk at night because it is nicely illuminated, it has several restaurant and movie theaters and is totally open air.


Houston Underground



If you have to go to downtown Houston, for business, a show or just to know, you have to look for the map of the subway, find in what building there is access to the tunnels and simply enjoy an unusual space, they are approximately 7 miles from tunnels that connect downtown buildings, there are shops of all kinds and restaurants.


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