In Houston, Art is treasured and  supported by many
In Houston, Art is treasured and supported by many

Art is such an important part of life for people around the world. Art is everywhere, and it speaks to you, no matter which language the artist who did it speaks. It is universal and there are many places around the world that are dedicated to delivering art to the people and getting them to appreciate every single expression beneath it.

Houston doesn’t get left behind when it comes to art. There are always places and events available for those who are lovers of this expression of the self and the world, which you must have to attend if you are ever around the city, as they are amazing.

First of all, the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston is the first must-attend on the list. This February 23th, they will be presenting “Francis Bacon: Late Paintings”, Francis was a painter well known because of his emotionally full images and his fixation on personal motives. This is very important for the history of Art, so you can’t miss this opportunity at the museum (the audio guide is even in both English and Spanish!), this exposition will be available until May 25th.

On another note, in this same Museum, you can find the first exposition completely dedicated to the iconic representations of Norman Rockwell about the Four Freedoms. This exposition is happening daily since December 15th and will be there until March 22th, so you have plenty of time to visit and get another look at the history of the world through the arts.

If you like contemporary arts, you can also attend the Houston Museum of Natural Science, which has a lot of this kind of art. Until March 20th, there will be a collection named “THE ART OF THE BRICK” by Nathan Sawaya, which is exclusively made with LEGO bricks. This is very innovative, and an event for people of all ages.

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