Valentine's Day in Houston: Best places to enjoy as couple.
Valentine's Day in Houston: Best places to enjoy as couple.

The flame of passion between two people it’s something we have to nurture every day, especially long lasted relationships, which can easily drop to the monotony of doing the same thing every time. Bored of watching Netflix at home? Pizza delivery? Phone conversations in the same room? Talking about why your girlfriend’s friend got dumped? Why not better take her out? And live all the great experiences the city of Houston has to offer, after all, you might get surprised of the options the most populated city of Texas has to offer.



Elizabeth Baldwin Park



If a romantic walk or a picnic surrounded by the fresh air of nature is what you are looking for, then Elizabeth Baldwin Park it’s your first choice. With 4.88 acres on Elgin Street, it makes for a really relaxing spot, silent and you literally can hear the voice of nature. Ideal to spend a romantic picnic or just a relaxing holding hands walk by the park. Even if you are a pet’s type of couple, it has environments totally suitable for dog walking.


BNC Taste & Tradition


Going out is the basis of any kind of date, and what is the first option you think when thinking about going out with your partner? Eating obviously and Houston has LOTS of places with different food specialties. BCN Taste & Tradition is without a doubt one of the most exquisite experiences in the city, located in Roseland St. with elegant rooms and a table, it makes you feel that air of romance. But the charm does not only come with the environment, the food is the masterpiece of the place, every plate whatever it may be, looks gorgeous, and when going into a romantic dining night the fact that everything looks on point is the key.
iPic Theaters

Movies huh? Sure you can do that on your own home, but the point of going out to the cinema is to GO OUT of your 4 walls little prison. Any reason to get out of home it’s valid, and iPic Theaters it’s the best-rated cinema in the city. Located in Westheimer Rd, the environment feels like you are on VIP class and with enough private space between seats; it makes it perfect to be comfortable with your partner without having to deal with public affection.


Kemah Boardwalk



Kemah Boardwalk takes the cookie on this one, on the seashore side at Kipp Ave. With the marine breeze and all its attractions makes it a definitely good time with your loved one. And if you go on the night it’s even better, the lights surround all the place and the views from the attractions give you a panoramic view of the city’s nightlife. A little ride on the Ferris wheel and the night will be sealed


Dance Passion Studio


Another way to have an excellent and nurturing time with your couple would be signing up for recreational classes, and we introduce you, two perfect classes, you could take with your partner. First, the Dance Passion studio located in Richmond Ave. where you can learn to dance salsa with your partner, nothing like adding some spicy and fun to your relationship. And what couples enjoy more doing together, taking cooking classes at Well Done Cooking located at Airline Dr #5, a fun, stylish, clean and interactive cooking classes where every teaching its envelope by lots of laughs and comfortable environment.


Secret Group



Stand up has become one of the most enjoyable ways to chill in a bar and also having a blast of a time and the Secret Group manages to nail it every way possible, with affordable prices, clean spaces, and excellent environment. It may not seem the best romantic way to spend the evening with your partner, but it is in fact known, that most of the people that go to this kind of show are a couple, and go with their partners.
Though there are other ideas like going on boat trips, sporting and several more you can come up with, At the end the main point is for you as a couple to get out of the everyday routine and relive the spark of passion, fun, and excitement that started it all from the beginning. Experiencing new things with your couple will keep the flame lit for as long as you nurture it.

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