A colorful Holiday Show! Holiday lights tour around the city
A colorful Holiday Show! Holiday lights tour around the city

Many characteristics are involving around these holidays as traditions, but one that literally stands out is the use of colored lights to make the night shine bright. This is one of the many things that make the holiday season one of the most loved celebrations all around the world, this accompanied with Christmas tunes and music it's without a doubt a matching combination for us to take our time to contemplate a moment of serenity.

The city shines brightly on every corner with this beautiful scenery that you can find on the most current places around the city.


its a holiday tradition to many people to take a walk or travel with the kids and the whole family, piling into the car and riding around town looking at Christmas lights. Sometimes the excursion involves hot cocoa or hot drinks accompanied with some snacks.

Typically, it includes Christmas music on the radio. Some destinations merit a stop; others are best viewed as drive-bys.

However it's done in your family, there are many places to view beautiful seasonal displays in different areas of Houston, and the city streets are undoubtedly one of the best options to enjoy as it also would be your everyday sigh in this whole season. 


The Galleria Mall is the biggest most visited mall in the city of Houston and it also has the tallest Christmas tree in the city. The Galleria Mall is the largest mall in Texas and the 7th largest in the U.S.

Taking into account the size of this building, it goes without saying that it has a wide range of multi-service stores available for its visitors.

Having said all of this regarding this incredible mall, it goes without a doubt that this mall's Christmas decoration is one of the most anticipated as well, without disappointing, the mall has been decorated with a beautiful Christmas tree in the center of the ice skating area, along with some light balls high around the tree area. Store of course also joined this beautiful scenery with their own kind of Christmas decoration, perfect to attract clients and viewers!


The Houston Zoo, located in downtown is also one of the main attractions of the city and the second most visited zoo in the country with 2.55 million visitors each year. It counts with more than 6.000 animals of 900 different species.

This zoo is so big that you can even ask for a map in the cabin and they will gently give you one. For being a main attraction of the city it also has a beautifully colored set of lights and neon decorations with more than two million lights! transformed into a winter wonderland! 

Sights to delight you include the giant Holiday Tree presented by TransCanada. Other features include the Holiday Train Village presented by Macy’s, the Enchanted Forest, and Candy, the interactive talking zebra, presented by H-E-B.

Sip hot chocolate as you stroll through the beautiful Houston Zoo grounds and take in the sights and sounds of the season.


This year’s ICE LAND theme takes guests on a journey from the North to South poles. Guests will encounter polar bears, penguins, humpback whales, snowy owls, walruses, and of course, reindeer all hand-carved out of two million pounds of ice inside a 28,000 sq. ft. insulated tent structure chilled and maintained at nine degrees. Shiver’s Ice Bar also returns to ICE LAND this year as guests enjoy ultra-cool holiday spirits as they enter this bar made completely of ice creatively transformed into an igloo this year to fit the Pole-to-Pole theme.

The team is led by chief ice and snow carving artist Mr. Qui Guanghui, who has received top honors in numerous international tournaments including the Harbin International Ice and Snow Carving and the Chinese National Ice Carving Competition. 

Guests will marvel with new surprises as they see the amazing talent and dedication that goes into creating ICE LAND.


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