Houston Restaurant Weeks (HRW)  2020 is here for you to enjoy!
Houston Restaurant Weeks (HRW) 2020 is here for you to enjoy!

A lot of events and places are going strong and coming back to Houston for good, following all kind of good health restrictions such as washing hands and social distancing! For example, the popular event Houston Restaurant Weeks (HRW) is been here in Houston since August 1st and will still be going until September 7th!

This event is really amazing: from all that it’s collected during the selling of the food from the restaurants, around $1 or $7 dollars for each food that it’s collected is donated to the Houston Food Bank; which is known as the biggest Food Bank in the country. This way, by choosing a restaurant from their list, not only can you enjoy a good food, but you can also help a good cause! You can enjoy this food whenever you want, and if you’re most comfortable with it, you can order it through pickup or delivery services!

There are around 200 restaurants on their list, so you can find anything that fits your liking the most. Once you choose the restaurant you want to eat in, you need to reserve online or call the restaurant directly so you can make your reservations and let them know that you wish for the HRW menu. Every restaurant has its specific plates that you can choose from!

If you are a little bit indecisive about it, we will suggest you some good restaurant from this list: First of all, you can find Island Grill Houston in this list. This place offers you the best dinner or brunch for 45$ per person, from Monday to Saturday, starting at 5pm and with a choice of house wine or beer. It has a variety of different foods which include shrimp, grilled salmon, and different salads for dinner; and pancakes, crème brûlée French toast, or taco. For each dinner or brunch, 1$ will be donated to Houston Food Bank.

You can also find Zammitti’s Italian Ristorante, which will donate 1$ per dinner or lunch sold, this restaurant also offers vegetarian, gluten free and vegan food; and HRW lunch only will be available from Monday through Friday, so please contact the restaurant to make sure about this before making your reservation!

And there are a lot more restaurants available that you can choose from, so get crazy and find your most favorite among them! Houston is taking a lot of care of its people, so if needed, you can also order the food through pickup or delivery service. Remember to take good care of yourself and those who are around you. Contact us if you need help finding a property, condo, or residence in Houston!

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