Uptown & Bennett's Bears charity collaboration at Memorial Hermann Hospital.
Uptown & Bennett's Bears charity collaboration at Memorial Hermann Hospital.
At Uptown Real Estate Group, we do not only focus on being your best option to buy, sell or rent properties. We also care for our community; and as proud sponsors of Bennett's Bears, we joined our founder's friends, Randall and Brandellyn Nester, donating 150 teddy bears to amazing pediatric @childrensmemorialhermann patients, undoubtedly a unique experience!


Bennett's Bears



Bennett's Bears is a charity community founded by Randall and Brandelyn Nester that focuses on creating smiles were these are hard to come by. Giving little handmade Teddy Bears to children that spent their holidays in hospitals. It gives the children something to hold on to and gives the parents a smile on their child's face, a gift ever parents wants to see. Their story begin when their 18-month-old son was diagnosed with brain cancer. they spent numerous holidays in the hospital because of this many gifts were sent to cheer him up. One gift, in particular, a Build-a-Bear donated by two sisters that had lost a sibling to cancer years before, made them take action.
Our representatives from Uptown Real Estate Group sponsored and joined Bennett's Bears on their visit to Children's Memorial Hospital. The charisma and goodwill of our team were responsible for delivering 150 teddy bears to the children of this hospital, who at such a young age are affected by unfortunate diseases including cancer.


We not only delivered teddy bears, we also coped with the children and gave them that familiar warmth that these poor children need so much. The happy smiles of the children and their families were undoubtedly the most satisfying gift, an unforgettable experience.




The Team from Uptown Real Estate Group feels proud for being the sponsor of this incredible heartwarming experience and wishes for the soon recovery of all the children in Memorial Hermann Hospital.

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